As with most things in the UK, London seems to be the answer for all things quirky, fun, and somewhat new.
However, in the last few years, humble cities have seriously been upping their game, and local dwellers couldn’t be more welcoming and open to trying something new; hence, when Birmingham opened up a spot for street food enthusiasts in 2012, it was destined to be a hit and has proved to be ever since.
The location is perfect: separate from the city’s food chains and retail giants, yet still amongst the hustle and bustle in Birmingham’s creative hub, Digbeth. But this spot isn’t just in any part of Digbeth, it’s situated right underneath the town’s iconic railway arches and nestled between some of Birmingham’s best graffiti art – think New York in the 1980s.
Food options vary from week to week, but you can always bet on the quality and a wide selection of beers and drinks to wash everything down with before you set your eyes on your next dish.
Prices are fair too £££
The best part? You get all of this every Friday along with good music, a busy crowd, and two seating locations (both inside neighbouring clubs, Spotlight and Mama Roux’s) so you can sit and dine with family and friends properly.
Not yet had the chance to visit? Check out the Digbeth Dining Club website.

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