Last week a few fellow Pursuiters headed down to Sketch in Mayfair for a taste of life as ladies of leisure and we couldn’t have picked a better place to do so.
Conceived by French restaurateur Mourad Mazouz and master chef Pierre Gagnaire, Sketch is one of London’s landmarks for those wanting an all-round experience in food, art, and music and has been since its opening in 2002.
If copious amounts of drink and delicious canopies are your bag, make a reservation for the afternoon tea and grab some friends to join you.
But, first things first, let’s get down to the venue itself: a converted eighteenth-century building containing what can only be described as a little a hidden gem, The Gallery room.
With its chic furniture and wondrously decorated pink walls, it’s easy to feel as though you’ve fallen into a rabbit hole and escaped the urban streets of London all thanks to the discerning eye of designer India Mahdavi.
But that’s not where the design element ends…
There’s everything to take in: from the selection of delicately crafted sweet pastries and savoury bites to artist David Shrigley’s ceramic tableware that provides a canvas for the food. Even the toilets – yes – the toilets – that photo in the top right? Err that’d be them.
It truly is an experience.
Expect a calm atmosphere, attentive staff and, of course, make sure you take in Shrigley’s witty drawings that hang on the walls – they really are a point of intrigue.

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