That’s right – revolution. Rest assured, this is not a typo from a coffee fuelled zombie writing at all hours of the night from a deserted office. You read correctly: ‘New Years Revolution’ and it comes with a perfect reason.Needless to say, when one calendar year begins to draw to an end, many of us enter what can only be described as an annual frenzy where we begin to pick apart and evaluate our lives – the good, the bad, and the “oh my god what was I thinking!?”
From the conscious decision to be more organised to the infamous vow we’ve all made at least once to count our calories, the idea of going into the new year with a fresh start is wonderfully romantic and an ideal way to right the wrongs of the previous year.
Still, when a few of us got together and happened to share our resolutions, there was a recurring theme that clearly filled the room – pressure. Pressure to eat better, to be thinner, to balance our social lives with our jobs, to swear less and the list continued. Naturally, the question arose – why? Why, after surviving the bittersweet Christmas season, do we apply more pressure? Not to mention, make resolutions that many of us are guaranteed to break. And the answer to this question is? Yup, you guessed it right – pressure, again. It’s no wonder many of us find it a struggle to stay afloat amidst the tide that brings the New Year blues.
Considering all of this, it was only right for us to have a revolution, of the small and peaceful kind of course (if one ever existed), and to completely overthrow the tradition. So, this year, our resolution is…to not have one at all, or at least not the kind that will add to the niggles that already keep us up at night, punishing us with dark under-eye circles in the morning.
Now, we know exactly what you’re thinking, “this is all a bit pessimistic, why not just enjoy the New Years tradition for what it is?” Good question. But when we thought about 2015 and just how many of us had set ourselves endless goals only to be plagued by them when they weren’t quite achieved, we decided that this approach was actually something positive and reasonably carefree.
Does that mean we’ll see through the entire year in a ‘Peter Pan-esque’ fashion, “running from life’s responsibilities and objectives?” Obviously not. We’ve just come to learn that picking inner battles is the key to seeing through the year happy and reasonably sane (a little bit of crazy is always good).

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